Thank you for your interest in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative and Project UnMask!

The UnMask Project is the product of the third cohort of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative. Its specific goal is to raise awareness of the media’s impact on teenage self-perception. We found that today’s youth is oblivious of the media’s true methods and motives, and continue to buy into their products and superficial ideals. Our project, UnMask, educates our peers about the inner workings of the media, and aids in creating a more media-savvy youth.

Over the past three years, our cohort has investigated many branches within this topic. While much of our journey has been about educating ourselves, we have had severa l opportunities to enlighten our fellow peers as well. We have hosted a series of lectures with the help of the University of Oklahoma, visited various schools and extra-curricular programs to share our self-developed presentation, and created original infographic diagrams and videos and now we would like to share them with you!

Inside, you’ll find our presentation, specially adapted for the classroom environment. There are also three supplemental short films that discuss other aspects of the YPI experience as well as lesson plans which will further stimulate student discussion. From these, we hope that you will better understand the mission of UnMask by exploring our journey and becoming more acquainted with the methods of the media through a new awareness.See below for all sections of the curriculum! And...

Prepare to be UnMasked,

YPI, Cohort 3

The Videos and Curriculums


The Infographics